Photography is a
lifestyle for me

That’s why I almost always have my camera at hand. Not to capture everything that is happening, but rather to photograph what is so wonderful and only lasts a second. 

It is a revelation to look attentively to the play of light of flowers trapped in ice, or capture the contrast of summer flowers against an ever-darkening sky.

I can experience a lot of pleasure in it, in particular when the photo is printed properly.

Because I’ve been able to discover the pleasure of photographing at a young age, I have been following courses in the field of analog photography quite early.

With the digital camera and photo software it’s easy to edit the complete picture as you wish, but this is beyond the limit for me.

My photos are not edited afterwards. No Photoshop for me, just one chance to make the picture that I have in mind. This is the creative and artistic challenge for me. There is only one chance to capture the perfect light, the intended aspect ratio, the proper contrast.

I regularly visit galleries and exhibitions in museums for modern arts. The museum for photography Haags Foto Museum in The Hague, the Netherlands, is one of my favourites. In Portugal its Serraves in Porto and Gulbenkian in Lisbon. The various forms of modern art at international art fairs, such as in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels and Lisbon teach me to observe my surroundings in a different way, each time again.

During my professional work as a communications consultant for the local government, I have also been active in The Hague private owned sculpture museum ‘Beelden aan Zee’ for several years. I attended a number of courses to become a qualified tour guide and facilitator in several projects in the field of modern sculpture. In that period I optimized my way of observing and interpreting my surroundings. Something that makes photography even more interesting for me.

My name is Abrahamina Verhoef and I lived and worked for a long period in The Hague. I complete HBO in Culture and Society in The Hague, got my Communication B certificate in Utrecht and then I pursued Sociology for a few years at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

For four years there have been exhibitions of my photos in the Coimbra and Viseu districts.

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